Faysal Ahamed

Full-stack Web Developer

Starting My Blog

by Faysal Ahamed

Hello World,

I'm a full-stack web developer who loves working with PHP, JavaScript, Laravel, Vue, and WordPress.

I registered this domain faysal.me back in 2015 and hosted a WordPress based site in a shared hosting. It was just a resume site with a contact form.

Before Facebook era, I used to write in a local blog platform which had a great community. But when facebook was getting popular, people started visitng the blog platform less often and one day it died. Last year I decided to reduce the use of Facebook and it went very well. Alternatively I started to spend some time on Twitter. Twitter is a really handy platform to get connected with the developers around the world. What I have learned from the twitter guys is - personal blog is not dead and it is going to rise again.

Few days back I started thinking to write in my own blog and I built this. I used Laravel, Tailwindcss and Nova admin tool to build this blog and hosted in a Digital Ocean droplet.

I could ended up with WordPress which is a great platform for blog but I choose this stack because I am frequently using Laravel for my recent projects as well as I got a chance to play with Tailwindcss. I took inspiration as well as copied some parts from several blogs which are listed below:

  • https://freek.dev/
  • https://liamhammett.com/
  • https://simonkollross.de/