Faysal Ahamed

Full-stack Web Developer

Migrate to Shopify - Keeping URL structure and SEO unaffected

by Faysal Ahamed


Last year I developed an ecommerce website for a client using WordPress. Interesting fact is, we did not use WooCommerce. The backend of ecommerce was at shopify. My client subscribed to the shopify's lite version to manage product, payment, invoice etc. So there was no online store interface. So we decided to build the user interface using WordPress. Shopify has a great feature called "Buy Button". We used this feature to embed the products in our WordPress setup. In WordPress we created pages for each product category e.g https://example.com/menswear as well as we created several landing pages for marketing purpose. The business went very well and in some point we needed more access to the product but we could not achieve those from WordPress setup using "Buy Button" feature of Shopify. Finally we decided to upgrade the shopify plan and decided to migrate fully to Shopify.

The problem

I did not have much previous experience with shopify themes. I started working with Shopify's free theme. Everything was fine to design the home page with a similar look of the WordPress site. But the problem emerged when I tried to create other landing pages. I did not knew that there is no way to change the "page" prefix from the page url in shopify. So I tweeted mentioning Shopify Support about this issue and they confirmed me that there is no way to do it. Thats really a big problem in SEO perspective. If the url structure change, we will lost a big SEO score.


I was very disappointed about this issue. I was thinking about redirecting the old URLs some how. In some point I found that there is a built in option in Shopify for URL redirection. So I created redirection for each of the old URLs e.g https://example.com/menswear to https://example.com/pages/menswear This looks preety good to me and I think it resolved the issue. This might looks so simple for Shopify Pro's but could be helpfull for those who are new to shopify like me. Thats why I decided to write about my experience.